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Art Supply Storage

Our art supply storage box is the perfect solution for your ecommerce store. It can hold your art supplies in style, and can also be a place to store your art supplyshop products.

Art Supply Case

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Art Supply Organizer

This art supply organizer is perfect for artists who need a small, easy to use, and easy to store art supplies. The h-frame table is adjustable to fit any painting style, and the easel is built from sturdy wood. The table has a few adjustment screws for a very flexible table, and an obligatory tool to help with assembly. this art supply holder is perfect for holding all your supplies for your wood artist! The box stores all sorts of materials, from pens and pencils to pens and pencils set in a pencil case. The pen case also includes a variety of pen types and a ballpoint pen. this is a great art supply bag for storing art supplies in the holiday season. The bag is made of soft purple flamboyant materials and has a small image of a blue flame with the tag "artbin" written on it. It is perfect for holding all the different items related to art supply bags, such as airtight drawers, art supplies, feeling safe and easy about your stores, and more! this box is perfect for storage in between projects. The four drawers are perfect for holding your art supplies, like a pastel pen, marker, or pencil. The box also features a nice, sleek design and a catchy name. What could be better than a storage box for your art supplies?